Deciding When to Buy a Stair Lift and When NOT to Buy a Stair Lift

Published by Stephen on January 25, 2010 under stair lifts

Knowing when not to buy a stair lift is just as important as knowing when to buy a stair lift, if not more so.

Before buying a stair lift, it is very important to spend some time evaluating the ability of the senior to preform the activities of daily life(ADL), which include things like bathing, cooking, and general mobility. Further, it is also important to consider the condition of the staircase and only consider a piece of home medical equipment, such as a stair lift or elevator, after ensuring that it can be safely used and is the correct type of treatment to improve the accessibility of the home.

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A Stair Lift Primer

Published by Stephen on January 18, 2010 under stair lifts

There are many areas in a home that present a risk to the elderly, but in regards to falls, most serious elderly falls, such as those requiring hospitalization, occur on the stairs. Falls and serious injury pose a very serious health risk to seniors, as numerous studies have shown that it takes much longer for a senior to recover from an injury. One way that the safety of the stairs is increased is by using a stair lift, which is a special type of tool used to safely move a senior up and down the stairs.

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Selecting the Right Type of Stairlift

Published by Stephen on January 11, 2010 under stair lifts

The stairs are quite dangerous to seniors and the elderly, with the most serious senior falling accidents usually occurring on the staircase. Typically, a stair lift provides the most economical way to ensure that the staircase can safely be used by the senior, while still retaining most of their independence.

Choosing the right stair lift can seem a little overwhelming, but by spending some time learning about stair lifts and how they work, it is actually a very simple choice.

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How to Choose and Use the Right Stair Lift

Published by Stephen on November 2, 2009 under stair lifts

For many who are mobility challenged, the stair lift provides the best and easiest way to allow full access to a home with stairs. Stair lifts come in a number of different designs and a big part of selecting the right stair lift depends on what type of staircase is in the home. A stair lift for a straight staircase, for example, is the least expensive option and can usually be shipped very quickly. A stair lift for a curved staircase, on the other hand, is much ,more expensive.

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Understanding the Stair Lift and Its Uses

Published by Stephen on October 14, 2009 under stair lifts

The stair lift is the most common tool used by those who are unable to safely use the stairs, but choosing the right kind can seem a little confusing, as there are a number of models and stair lift manufacturers to choose from. A great deal of this process can be simplified, however, as it largely depends on what type of staircase you have. Straight staircases, for example, are the easiest and least expensive to outfit with a stair lift, while curved staircases are the most expensive.

A quality stair lift can be an essential tool for ensuring safety, without having to preform any major home renovations or take out a loan.

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Do-It-Yourself Stair Lift Kits

Published by Stephen on October 12, 2009 under stair lifts

The stair lift can be a powerful tool that makes the stairs safer and easier to use. One of the main reasons people install stair lifts, as opposed to elevators, is that stair lifts are usually much lower in cost. There are even several popular stair lift brands, such as AmeriGlide stair lifts, that can be installed by a non-professional, which can save a good deal on installation costs and time. These kits, which are often called DIY Stair Lift Kits or Do It Yourself Stair Lift Kits, are popular as the installation is simplified, but they are not always the best choice.

This article helps to provide advantages and disadvantages of DIY stair lifts, which are not always the best choice or even an option in every home. However, it is possible to save a good deal of money when using this type of stairlift.

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Bruno Stair Lifts

Published by Stephen on September 28, 2009 under stair lifts

There are several popular stair lift manufactures and resellers, including Summit Stair Lifts, AmeriGlide Stair Lifts, and Bruno Stair Lifts. Bruno Stair Lifts is a family owned business that has been around for over twenty years and sells a number of lifting aids for the home and car. Bruno Stair Lifts is unique, because they not only offer straight stair lifts, but they also offer a curved stair lift, which can be adapted to many types of curved and irregular staircases.

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Promoting Elderly Staircase Accessibility

Published by Stephen on September 24, 2009 under stair lifts

There are a lot of reasons that the stairs are such a dangerous area for the elderly, but it is often as a result of arthritis, as well as other medical conditions that are more common among seniors. Finding a way of making the stairs safer for the elderly is very important, because each year there are many falls on the stairs, which often result in serious injury.

Rather than simply not using the stairway or moving to an assisted living community, a stair lift will often present a much more cost effective and friendly way of increasing safety and reducing the risk of a fall on the stairs.

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Stair Lifts and Stair Safety for Seniors

Published by Stephen on September 15, 2009 under stair lifts

One of the areas in the home that is most dangerous is the staircase, this area is especially dangerous for seniors who are more at risk for a fall on the stairs. Stair lifts are one type of device that can be used in the home to make using the staircase easier. Stair lifts are popular among seniors and the elderly, who use them to decrease the risk of a fall on the stairs. However, it is not just seniors that use stair lifts and they are popular safety tools for people of all ages who are unable to safely use the staircase.

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Improving the Staircase Safety of Seniors and Others with a Stairlift

Published by Stephen on September 14, 2009 under stair lifts

There are many risks presented to those who have limited mobility in the home. However, of all of these risks, none is as great as the staircase. Each year, senior falls on the staircase represent the leading cause of hospitalization and serious injury. So, to improve accessibility and safety at home, many seniors install stairlifts. These devices are important tools that carry a person up the distance of the staircase and can greatly reduce and prevent the risk of a elderly fall.

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