Perch Lifts and Stair Chairs

Published by Stephen on August 4, 2008 Under stair lifts

Climbing up and down the steps is a real problem that is faced by millions of Americans every day. It is also a real danger to many millions of Americans each day, because a fall down the stairs is the leading cause of injury among the 40 million plus Americans over the age of 65. To help reduce this risk, a stair lift can be installed.

Having someone available to carry you up the stairs would certainly be nice, but it is not practical or safe. This is where a stair lift comes in, because you will always have a way to safely be carried up and down stairs.

Most of the stair lifts you are likely to see are a type of lift called a “stair chair.” They are called stair chairs, because a chair is used to carry the occupant up and down the steps.

The chair travels along a metal track that is bolted directly to the stairs. Occasionally, as in the case of a curved stair lift, the track might be bolted to the wall instead. This is also done if the staircase is especially narrow.

A much less common type of stair lift is available for people who have had knee surgery or are mobility challenged in a manner that prevents them from sitting. These lifts use a small platform in place of the chair. The platform moves slowly up and down the track and carries a single standing occupant. The platform is referred to as a perch and the lift is called a perch lift.

The reason that they call it a perch is because of the size of the platform, which is rather small. They also include a grab bar and some, like the perch lift available from Acorn, has include a waist high support that you can lean against.

Even with the extra support, a perch lift still requires a good amount of balance, so a stair chair is usually the best bet. Since you are sitting down in a secure seat, you are much less likely to fall or loose your balance. Many stair chairs also have seat belts, which reduces the chance of getting hurt even more.

If you are one of those many millions of Americans who cannot safely or easily climb the stairs any longer, then you might also be one of the many who could benefit from a stair lift.

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